We can now help you at Bangkok Hospital with all applicable
health care, we can help with everything from SOS to your insurance company.
We help you to get down if you are sick with anything, aerospace, medical
receiving at the airport more info below.
We speak Swedish and English and Thai.
We are booking times so you do not have to wait and make sure that you will
to the right doctor.


We sell much house now and its lots of buyers and this is
wonderful for us and those who want to sell and buy.

Our lawyers looking to do everything right between buyers and sellers.

We start renting out more and more and we see very positive
because we get to meet many nice people.

We need to receive more great house, you know something tell us about it !!!!

We deliver water to houses that want to drink from the faucet.


We offer insurance on the house, health insurance, car etc.
read below, we will be happy with a good quote !!


Everything just super here in Hua Hin-Cha-am and it is built like mad.

Everything just gets better and better.

We have good taxi service from Bangkok airport to Hua-Hin-Cha-am.

Hope we get the opportunity to assist you in any way in the sun !!

Very welcoming,

Stefan & Chinnapat
098-4634416 and 082-5406122
070-3949314 Sweden

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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